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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Archive Post #1 - from Gingerology - originally posted September 11, 2010

It Had To Be You...'SceneIt'...

...yeah, I know, I know... I have been pretty critical of this movie in the past, but...ya know what? After watching it this morning with my daughter (it is one of her fave Ginger movies), and 'breaking it down' to glean some 'SceneIt' questions (to follow), I think Miss Victoria Stafford has FINALLY gotten to me... I ALWAYS thought she was insanely beautiful in this one, but thought she was a bit too... 'ditzy' in it... but I think I have seen it enough to catch a few more of the 'nuances' of her character, and it really is a pretty cute movie, with a pretty strong supporting cast... and a few clever lines, as the 'trivia' will reveal...
OK - here are the 'rules', as before... First, GO Watch The Movie... and try to keep up with everything... (hopefully most of y'all have this one...) AFTER you finish watching, go through the questions below, which are generally in 'chronological order' in relation to the movie... the answers, as usual, will be in the comment section... got it? we go!
Question 1: Who were the two directors for this movie?
Question 2: Who designed the gowns?
Question 3: Who was the Hair Stylist?
Question 4: What was the full name of the first chump Miss Victoria Stafford left at the altar?
Question 5: What was the full name of the second chump Miss Victoria Stafford left at the altar?
Question 6: What was the full name of the third chump Miss Victoria Stafford left at the altar?
Question 7: According to Oliver H.P. Harrington’s father, what are the ‘official’ odds that Victoria and Oliver will not be married? (i.e., # to # odds)
Question 8: Where is Victoria’s Summer Place?
Question 9: What time is it at the start of the train scene?
Question 10: What did Victoria leave on the train?
Question 11: What was the company name of the first taxi Victoria jumped in whilst fleeing the train station?
Question 12: What was the company name of the bus Victoria jumped on?
Question 13: What previous Ginger movie was the fellow on the bus who was reading the paper in, as her husband?
Question 14: Where does Victoria tell the second cab driver to take her?
Question 15: What two different families did Victoria claim to ride home with, both reminding her of ‘tennis balls’?
Question 16: Who did Mr. Stafford ‘know’ in Paris, unbeknownst to Mrs. Stafford?
Question 17: Where was Cousin Charlie, instead of Paris?
Question 18: Where does Mr. Stafford plan to send Victoria and Oliver on their Honeymoon?
Question 19: What time of night does Victoria have her ‘BIG’ freaky dream?
Question 20: Who returns the item Victoria left on the train back in Question 10?
Question 21: What store does Victoria go to whilst George and Mr. Stafford hang out at the crib playing gin rummy?
Question 22: Where does Johnny Blaine live?
Question 23: What did Victoria say to the store owner when he got his goons to toss Johnny out of the store?
Question 24: What did Mr. Stafford say about Victoria after she finished her rant at George?
Question 25: How old was Victoria back at her ‘fateful’ birthday party?
Question 26: What time is it when Victoria meets George in the film room?
Question 27: What was the company name of the taxi Victoria takes to Johnny’s place?
Question 28: What is the ‘Hook and Ladder’ number at Johnny’s station?
Question 29: Where was Johnny to meet Victoria within Radio City?

Question 30: Although Johnny’s tickets say the Yankees are playing the Washington Senators, who are they REALLY playing?
Question 31: How much did Victoria pay the little dude at Yankee Stadium to have his seat – next to Johnny?
Question 32: What is the name of the dish that Johnny and Victoria both like?
Question 33: What was the dish in Question 32 made of?
Question 34: What does Victoria say when Johnny complements her dancing?
Question 35: What number can Oliver reach Mr. Brown at?
Question 36: Who switches up with Johnny for vacation time at the station?
Question 37: What did Mr. Stafford say about firemen?
Question 38: What number is on Johnny’s hat he wears en route to the fire?

Question 39: As they ride off on the fire truck and into the ending, what does Victoria say to Johnny after he says, “HOW!”?
Question 40: BONUS – What famous piece of jewelry did the producer of the movie try to ‘rent’ for Ginger to wear in the movie?
Well, that's all I got... hopefully these are enough to chew on for a bit... hope ya enjoy!


  1. Answer 1: Don Hartmann and Rudolph Mate
    Answer 2: Jean Louis
    Answer 3: Helen Hunt
    Answer 4: Stuyvesant Peabody Keyes
    Answer 5: Gardner Huntington Standish
    Answer 6: Atherton Huntley III
    Answer 7: 11 to 5
    Answer 8: Maine
    Answer 9: 7:00 A.M.
    Answer 10: A mink stole
    Answer 11: City Cab Company
    Answer 12: Metropolitan Omnibus Company
    Answer 13: Roxie Hart – actor was George Chandler
    Answer 14: 780 Fifth Avenue
    Answer 15: The Spaldings and the Wilsons (a funny reference to Ginger’s love of tennis)
    Answer 16: Babette
    Answer 17: In Scotland, shooting grouse
    Answer 18: Bar Harbor, Maine
    Answer 19: Just before 3 A.M.
    Answer 20: Mr. Brown, the Train Conductor
    Answer 21: Hamilton-Cooper
    Answer 22: 77 East 83rd Street
    Answer 23: “That was most efficient of you”
    Answer 24: “She’s a peculiar girl…”
    Answer 25: Six
    Answer 26: 2:00 A.M.
    Answer 27: Acme Cab Company
    Answer 28: 16
    Answer 29: At the Fountain
    Answer 30: The Chicago White Sox
    Answer 31: $5.00
    Answer 32: Schnitzel Viennese
    Answer 33: Veal
    Answer 34: “It’s my niche…” (Pretty funny line coming from Ginger…)
    Answer 35: Scarlet 57867 (pretty dang sure)
    Answer 36: Timothy
    Answer 37: “Why, one of our best mayors was part fireman!”
    Answer 38: 21 (this is a ‘gimme’ if you look at the poster under the question in the post…)
    Answer 39: “…and HOW!”
    Answer 40: The Hope Diamond
  2. Woohoo! Trivia on one of my favorite Ginger flicks (I think shes adorable in this one!). I'll be trying my hand at a few of these tomorrow!
  3. ...hope it is entertaining! I figure some of y'all will do well, as it seems a lot of folks LOVE this one... as I meantioned, it IS kinda growing on me... not sure if it will ever be in the 'Top 10', but definitely one I can sit and watch... my daughters fave...well, she likes 'Having Wonderful Time' also... among others... she helped out on the questions.
    Hope ya sleep well - and avoid the indian dudes... i guess... :-]

  4. Nope no dream Indians for me - but if they looked anything like Johnny Blaine/Cornel Wilde I wouldnt be complaining! Youre right she is a little ditzy in this one but thats the character. But you cant fight the fact that Ginger is GORGEOUS in this one - especially when Johnny proposes to her in the car. I know how your "favorite Ginger" is what I call "grown-up" Ginger but this maybe my "favorite Ginger".

    PS you have to admit the poster artist did a great job capturing Ginger's likeness. There are a few that I'm like "Who are you drawing???"

    Okay no more rambling!
  5. To me it's possibly the doggonest classic film I ever saw. I bought this about two months ago and saw it only once, because I was disappointed. Ginger was my kind of hero since I was quite young. And now she is awfully nervous and hysteric all the time. Why in tarnation did Ginger like to play this? I can't understand that. Well, I never could really understand Ginger.

    I can take that, because I'm grown up now. But I can't stomach this film for another reason: Intrusive men drive me nuts. Some men think if they like me, their kind of feeling was enough, as if mine wouldn't count. In such situation I'm ready to hurt with words, as much as I can. And I really can!

    That Indian type was a nightmare to me - sticks like the worst magic-glue. You can't get away from him - no chance at all! I don't want to see him again. He's not even pretty. - So you're not alone, Huey. Only in my case it's so bad, next time I might blow his head off and ruin my screen...
  6. oof...well, looks like a parting of the ways between SG and CS regarding this flick... I am probably still 'on the fence' with this one, but I am leaning towards 'positive', as alluded to in the post... sure it is a silly premise, although it DOES have its moments... and Ginger's character isn't the 'sassiest', but DOES have a bit more depth than first believed... and you know what? After trying to sit thru any of the drivel they have on 'PrimeTime' TV nowadays, I have NO problem watching this one... heck, I would rather watch 'Quick, Let's Get Married' over anything on current networks... if it weren't for TCM and sports, not really any reason for cable...well, news and weather is pretty cool...but... ok - you know when I talk about 'running on fumes' and losing control of the posting on here? Yeah, that's about where we're at over here at G-ology central... so..., what was the topic again? oh yeah - IHTBY - overall, Huey LIKES... again, not one of the TOP ones, but may fall in the 'top 40' or so... I'd have to review them all...

    ok - OUT! KIG...
  7. Thats okay Huey you don't have to take sides on this one. Your kid is already on my side on this one. :P And Ive said before - she shows EXCELLENT taste!
  8. I HAD planed to see it again anyway ... (maybe I'll better wear handcuffs then) ... but can't do that now, because I'm still addicted to that one:

    But, I really mean it: I'll try not to hate that Indian any more ... I'll give that thing a new chance – maybe it'll rank in the top 80 then ... or top 70 ... ...

    Another film is even worse: Ginger being shot! I could never take that. If this had happened to one of Jean's characters, I would just die simultaneously ... ... ... But in Ginger's case it's bad enough. I'll never buy that Ginger-killer film; don't wanna see it!
  9. Two things are clear. I can love a movie, but someone else will dislike it, and vice versa. Also it's very unlikely that any of us will enjoy all the films an actor/actress makes. In the case of It Had To Be You,, I'd have to say it is among my least favorite Ginger films. I'm pretty much on Clarissa's wavelength regarding this one. The Indian is most annoying, and Ginger's character seems a bit ditzy at times. The concept of Ginger leaving prospective grooms at the alter and Johnny Blaine doing the same with his fiancees could have been a nice story, but I wish the plot had brought them together without the Indian character. STILL Ginger could not have looked more gorgeous than she did in this movie, and her clothes were excellent. For that alone it's worth watching the movie.

    It's funny I minded Fred being killed and having Ginger sob much more than Ginger being shot. The downside to the latter was that Ginger was out of the film at that point, so the movie became less interesting. One movie that I will never watch again (well probably never) is Change of Heart. I couldn't stand watching Ginger play someone who stabbed a good friend in the back.
  10. Okay yeah I agree the Indian is annoying. But I do like the scene when theyre talking in front of the movie screen. Its just a great scene!
  11. Hey Sassy -- I just watched that scene again and agree it was great. However, I had an inspiration. Suppose we substituted Cary Grant for Cornel Wilde and just rewrote the script a bit to lose the Indian and make it a bit more normal. :D

    Stop laughing, Desarae. (She's already heard my concept of substituting CG into many of Ginger's movies.)
  12. ...actually, my favorite scene is breakfast when the 'fam' and Ollie are introduced to 'Mr. McCassin'... Ginger is quite funny and cute as she tries to keep up with the dude...

    UpperWorld is really a pretty fair movie, except for the demise of Ginger... it's sad, cause her character is just adorable in it! (believe me, I don't use the word 'adorable' much, but for Ginger, there it is...) It's worth watching if only for the minute of 'Shake Your Powder Puff'...
    Fioraon - yes, I can well see CG in this movie (IHTBY) in lieu of Cornel Wilde... but from what I have gathered, this Wilde dude was quite popular back then... my Ma said she liked him back then... how about Ray Milland? I could see him in this role, too...

    Well, glad to see ya'll at least 'agreeing to disagree' concerning IHTBY... we can all agree Ginger alone is worth watching it, right?

    KIG, y'all...
  13. Huey -- We've had the advantage of seeing the chemistry between Ginger and CG in Monkey Business and how about the light moment in Once Upon a Honeymoon when CG is measuring Ginger. Ha ha ha! As I was watching the scene Sassy mentioned the other night, it occurred to me that CG would have made that Indian tolerable. Cornel Wilde might have been popular, but he wasn't remotely in CG's class, IMHO. I bet Sassy will agree with me on that. :)

    And let's face it, if we didn't have difference of opinions on movies, they'd all be the same. To each his own!
  14. Huey said...
    ... how about Ray Milland?

    Very good idea, Huey. I liked Milland very much in EASY LIVING with Jean and when I met him again in THE MAJOR AND THE MINOR I was very happy. He's very kind, has very friendly eyes.

    Ginger knifes a friend but her character is nice though - my imagination just can't manage that ...

    But Fioraon: Yes, I can understand if you say it's harder to see Ginger mourning. I had Jean mourning in THE PLAINSMAN: Her character loved Bill Hickhok and as American History teaches us, he finally was shot in the back. The way she cries strikes me right in the center and at once I start crying too. I tried to take this ending about a dozen times, but it never got better. Since then I just cut out the film before it happens. - When I saw ARIZONA the first time I suffered like hell, because her bride-groom has a final duel with the evil guy. I can't describe how relived I was when he came back after all!

    Very interesting is: Even Jean cried herself, while watching MR. DEEDS IS GOING TO TOWN years later. She said she felt the same like in 1936 and her face did the same at once. This is not just playing - the feelings are real. In those moments actresses are really suffering. And if you love them, you feel just the same.
  15. Hey! Cornel Wilde! He was in a few movies with Ida... I haven't seen this one though. I'll have to check it out!
  16. The hardest one to watch is UnderWorld obviously because of what happens to Ginger's character. :( Don't think I'll watch that one again.
  17. Ha that should have been UpperWorld. My brain's still asleep!
  18. If Ginger's character gets killed it's "underworld" indeed - in other words hell. I couldn't take that and I'll never see that.

    Somewhere C.K. Dexter said, classic movies were just entertainment and so star's fates wouldn't be too dramatic (now written in my own words). To me this is pretty serious though - not just entertainment. I am bound to care, Ginger influenced me since a long time ago too much.

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